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Adventures UnderSea Subtraction
Description: Learning Subtraction Visually - Answer questions to reveal a secret picture. Every correct answer is one step closer to seeing the picture
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Arcademic Skill Builders
Description: iPad - Arcade-style online games; focuses mostly on Math, but also includes geography, spelling, word use, and keyboarding
Subject Area: All
Price: Free
Beginning Sounds Interactive Game
Description: Kids match words that share the same beginning sound! Children just “grab” fun picture balls and drop them into the correct spots on the board.
Subject Area: Reading
Price: $.99
Bob Books
Description: Phonics-based interactive book and game
Subject Area: Reading
Price: Version #1 - $1.99; Version #2 - $3.99
Website: Bob Books
Description: Mobile App - Watch a variety of educational videos and test your knowledge with the quizzes that follow each one
Subject Area: All
Price: $75-100 yearly subscription
Website: BrainPop
Description: Corkulous acts like a giant bulletin board where you can collect, organize, and share ideas—including creating a family message center, reminder board, goal manager and more.
Subject Area: Organization and time management
Price: Free
Website: Corkulous
Course Notes
Description: CourseNotes lets you take notes during classes or meetings, keep them organized by subject, and print them or share them with friends! Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once.
Subject Area: Note Taking
Price: $3.99
Website: Course Notes
Description: Turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Students can create and share (via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook) screencasts and hand-written presentations. They can add and edit voiceover audio, as well as add graphics and color to the presentation.
Subject Area: Presentations/Screencasts
Price: Free
Website: Doceri
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