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Cells Alive!
Description: Includes puzzles and interactive animations of different cell processes; terms and definitions used in the study of cells; videos of cells as seen under microscopes
Subject Area: Science
Price: Free
Website: Cells Alive!
Description: Information about matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry - all with straight forward, kid-friendly explanations
Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)
Price: Free
Website: Chem4Kids
Description: A history-based video game that allows kids to modify events over the course of building a civilization and has been linked to helping students gain digital literacy and problem-solving skills, as well as learn historical concepts.
Subject Area: Social Studies (History)
Price: Free
Website: Civilization
Description: Clever Island teaches children the fundamental skills they need to know in order to succeed in school and in life. Children explore, interact and learn on this award winning, self contained educational website, where characters come alive and learning becomes fun. In this magical world, the animations, colors and sound effects will guarantee hours of learning and quality funtime for your child.
Subject Area: Reading and math
Website: Clever Island
Cool Math Games
Description: Interactive online games that cover a variety of skills in a wide range of areas
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Website: Cool Math Games
Description: Corkulous acts like a giant bulletin board where you can collect, organize, and share ideas—including creating a family message center, reminder board, goal manager and more.
Subject Area: Organization and time management
Price: Free
Website: Corkulous
Description: Online white board; draw out examples or visuals to share with friends
Subject Area: Multiple Subjects
Price: Free
Website: CoSketch
Course Notes
Description: CourseNotes lets you take notes during classes or meetings, keep them organized by subject, and print them or share them with friends! Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once.
Subject Area: Note Taking
Price: $3.99
Website: Course Notes
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