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Marble Math Junior
Description: Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes
Subject Area: Math
Price: $1.99
Math Adventures: Number Find Lite
Description: Work out the pattern of the grid while learning how numbers work. By the end you’ll understand the basics of the number system and have developed useful thinking skill guaranteed to improve your math
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Math Attack
Description: Practice math addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as a fun arcade game.
Subject Area: Math
Price: $.99
Website: Math Attack
Math Dictionary
Description: iPad - Great for homework help, this app has over 400 illustrated Math terms that are easily searchable
Subject Area: Math
Price: $2.99
Website: Math Dictionary
Math Doodles
Description: It is not a “math fact” app, instead it presents a variety of math puzzles that are so pretty and fun, you almost forget you’re doing math. There are 4 types of puzzles in Math Doodles: Sums Stacker, Connect Sums, Unknown Square, and Splat Go Round
Subject Area: Math
Price: $2.99
Website: Math Doodles
Math Play
Description: Sorted by content, game type, and grade level (K-8), online games targeting a wide variety of math skills; also printable practice worksheets
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Website: Math Play
Math Playground
Description: Online math games and activities that are aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core Standards; includes arcade style and multi-player games, as well as worksheets and online timed flashcards
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Website: Math Playground
Math Ref Free
Description: iPad - Over 700 formulas, figures, tips, and examples to assist with Math homework; there is also Math Ref (not free), which includes double the information
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Website: Math Ref Free
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