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Description: iPad - Kids can create interactive displays that other students can view and provide feedback/commentary on
Subject Area: All
Price: Free
Website: Nearpod
Description: Collection of online videos, lessons, quizzes, games, and puzzles about a huge range of topics
Subject Area: Multiple Subjects
Price: Free
Website: NeoK12
Next Thing
Description: Next Thing is a task manager and scheduling aid that’s comparable to a “digital sticky note.”
Subject Area: Organization and time management
Price: 2.99
Website: Next Thing
Number Sense+
Description: 5 different games helps kids learn number sense and a variety of basic Math skills
Subject Area: Math
Price: $.99
Website: Number Sense+
Numerate: Count, Add and Subtract
Description: Learn how to recognize numbers (1-20) and explore simple addition and subtraction with interactive calculations. Each number and calculation includes a sound and illustration to teach quantity.
Subject Area: Math
Price: $.99

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