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Read Write Think
Description: Engages students in writing, organization, and strategies for studying. Student interactives are categorized into the following: Organizing and Summarizing; Inquiry and Analysis; Writing Poetry; Writing and Publishing Prose; and, Learning about Language.
Subject Area: Language Arts (Writing)
Price: Free
Website: Read Write Think
Rhyme Zone
Description: Many students need increased time on task, intervention and practice with skills and concepts, but to do this, students must have interest or motivation to even want to engage in the content or learning. DimensionU helps by engaging students with something that they can relate to – video games.
Subject Area: Language Arts
Price: Free
Website: Rhyme Zone
Description: Online rhyming dictionary that contains thousands of rhyme entries for almost any given word
Subject Area: Language Arts
Price: Free
Website: Rhymes
Rocket Speller
Description: Increase sight word awareness while spelling words to build a rocket
Subject Area: Reading/Spelling
Price: Free
Website: Rocket Speller
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Description: Students role-play as owners and operators of a theme park, and playing the game has been shown to improve understanding of microeconomics concepts.
Subject Area: Social Studies (Economics)
Price: Free

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