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Science Bob
Description: Videos, blogs, and experiments to give students ideas for Science projects
Subject Area: Science
Price: Free
Website: Science Bob
Science Bug
Description: Based on a PBS TV show; kids can download instructions and data sheets to conduct their own Science investigations; they can also go on Science adventures directly on the website, complete with puzzles and interactive games
Subject Area: Science
Price: Free
Website: Science Bug
Science With Me
Description: Short animations, songs, worksheets, online storybooks, and coloring pages - all geared toward helping kids learn Science
Subject Area: Science
Price: Free - Need to make an account
Website: Science With Me
Screen Chomp
Description: iPad - It has a very user-friendly interface and also allows users to record their writing and voice as they work on the screen. Videos can be saved in the app, uploaded to social media or emailed. Students can create tutorials using ScreenChomp and present their work to the class.
Subject Area: Create Tutorial Presentations/Outlining
Price: Free
Website: Screen Chomp
Shakespeare Pro
Description: Mobile App - access to all of Shakespeare's complete works
Subject Area: Language Arts
Price: $9.99
Website: Shakespeare Pro
Description: Create a visual bookshelf, and write reviews and recommendations to share with friends
Subject Area: Language Arts (Reading)
Price: Free
Website: Shelfari
Sheppard Software
Description: Online educational games, activities, quizzes, and articles, dealing with a large variety of subjects
Subject Area: Multiple Subjects
Price: Free
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
Description: This app allows students to create their own tutorial videos - complete with drawing and sound/voice recording - while a lesson or concept is fresh in their head. They can then save and replay their video later as a reminder of how to perform the skill.
Subject Area: All
Price: Free
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