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Description: Similar to Wordle, students can use any piece of writing or literature to create a into a ʺvisually stunning word cloud.ʺ Word clouds use words from a given source to create a related picture. Word clouds are great to use for project covers, summarizing information learned, and study guides. Particularly helpful for visual learners.
Subject Area: Multiple Subjects
Price: Free
Website: Tagxedo
Teach Me (K, 1st, 2nd grade levels)
Description: Teaches sight words, addition, subtraction and spelling. Parents can select which subjects they want, set different difficulty levels, and even choose specific questions.
Subject Area: Reading/Spelling/Math
Price: $1.99
The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury
Description: Series of 12 DVDs; in the style of a detective novel, all of the clues and concepts needed to solve the problem are embedded within each episode; integrates different subject areas to help build problem-solving, reasoning, and connecting strategies.
Subject Area: Math
Price: $150.00
Thinking Blocks
Description: Thinking Blocks is a suite of learning tools designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently. Using brightly colored blocks, students model mathematical relationships and identify known and unknown quantities. The model provides students with a powerful image that organizes information and simplifies the problem solving process. By modeling increasingly complex word problems, students develop strong reasoning skills which will facilitate the transition from arithmetic to algebra.
Subject Area: Math
Price: Free
Website: Thinking Blocks
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
Description: Allows visual learners to create word maps, showing synonyms and related terms to a given word; categorizes synonyms and words by part of speech; gives a specific definition for each synonym by clicking on the map; interactive for kids
Subject Area: Language Arts (Vocab)
Price: $2.95/month or $19.95/year
Description: An online ʺto-doʺ list - able to organize, set alarams, show how much time a task takes, due dates, etc.
Subject Area: Organization/Time Management
Price: Free
Website: Toodledo
Description: Educational quiz games about Europe: countries, capitals, flags, regions, geographical features, and more
Subject Area: Social Studies (European Geography)
Price: Free
Website: Toporopa

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