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Parent Testimonials

Thanks for your continued detailed updates. Our son seems to be more organized and less stressed in the past couple of months, so we are really pleased with the progress and work you have done with him. Thank you!

Julie L.
Parent of a 11th grader


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you do! Our son looks forward to coming in, and I know he walks out feeling proud and accomplished. I enjoy reading the updates and hearing about the strategies you are teaching him. Your warm and enthusiastic manner has won him over! Thank you so much!

Julie A.
Parent of a 5th grader


Thank you so much for all your help with our son while he was a sophomore. He has taken the skills that he learned at Engaging Minds and continues to use them everywhere: in high school, while he was in an intense summer program at NYU, and especially during the college application process. He was able to be finished with all his college applications by Thanksgiving, which is so early. Not only does he use his organization skills for school related things, he uses them for managing his band! We are happy to let you know that he was accepted to his first choice University and has already decided to go there for its Music Industry program.

Just to remind you, our son was ready to drop out of high school when we brought him to Engaging Minds! Thank you so much for all your work!

Lauren H.
Parent of a 12th grader


I can’t say enough good things about Engaging Minds. When I initially spoke with Dan Levine about tutoring for my 9 year old daughter, I had a very positive gut reaction. I am happy to say that my experiences at Engaging Minds over the past three months have fully supported my instincts. My daughter LOVES her tutor. She leaves every session with her tutor looking happy, relaxed, and with a huge smile on her face. Homework has been a source of tension and misery for us for a while. Third grade, however, was a new low in the amount of time it took my daughter to complete the work in addition to the numerous tears and tantrums. This year, thanks to Engaging Minds, I have seen many positive changes in my daughter’s homework experience. Working with a tutor has reduced some of the tension in my relationship with my daughter because we both know there is one night a week when homework will get done without conflict. It has lifted a load off my shoulders and I feel calmer and more patient when I do help her with her homework. My daughter seems more open to my suggestions when she runs into problems and sometimes she even takes my advice! I sent my daughter’s tutor an e-mail describing one night’s homework experience as “great.” A word I have not used to describe homework in at least two years. Overall, I have seen my daughter’s confidence in her abilities grow. She has become more flexible in her approach to problems and she is more amenable to receiving help. My only regret is that we did not have Engaging Minds as a resource until this year. I am so grateful for all that my daughter’s tutor has done for her. I highly and unequivocally recommend Engaging Minds!

Maya E.
Parent of a 4th grader


My daughter began working with Engaging Minds in November of her 8th grade. In the first session, her tutor worked with her to identify her strengths and weaknesses in a fun and engaging post-it note exercise. Not only did this win my daughter over, but it was a valuable assessment that got at the root causes of why she was struggling to manage her homework. Very quickly she was less stressed about school and was much better positioned to complete her assignments on time. Now, four months into her freshman year, my daughter has just recently taken complete responsibility for her homework (meaning I no longer need to be involved at all). We are both happy about that. She is currently working with her tutor on improving her planning skills and learning how to break assignments down.

My daughter’s feedback about why she likes Engaging Minds: the one-on-one attention; the way her tutor helps her to break everything down into manageable tasks; and the fact that they have every office supply you could want to help you organize and get the work done (her favorite store is Staples, so make what you will of that last one).

Karen H.
Parent of a 9th grader


Our daughter started with Engaging Minds during the 8th grade and is now in 10th grade. Her confidence in writing has grown by leaps and bounds. Our daughter's organizational skills and efficiency have also markedly improved. Her tutor understood her learning style from the start which has allowed her to make these gains and become a more independent and confident student. She no longer dreads her writing assignments. We are quite pleased with Engaging Minds and would highly recommend them.

Ellen S.
Parent of a 10th grader


Our son has been working with Engaging Minds for a little more than a year and is now progressing toward handling his school work in an independent fashion. He has learned many strategies and skills for understanding his school assignments and coming up with a plan for how to manage his time to complete his school work around a busy sports schedule. He has worked with other tutors in the past which were helpful in getting assignments completed, but we certainly feel that Engaging Minds is teaching him the tools to be able to handle all of his school work on his own in the near future. He has progressed from being on an IEP in his early years, to then starting school years below that current grade level, to now having achieved the honor roll in 2/3 marking periods this past year. More importantly he is gaining confidence in being able to manage his time and school work. His Engaging Minds tutor is great, and he actually looks forward to his sessions so that he can work through his plan over the next week. I would highly recommend Engaging Minds to any parents who want their child to excel in school and life.

Frank G.
Parent of a 7th grader


It is with GREAT excitement I share about our fabulous experience with Engaging Minds. We recently discovered Engaging Minds. Ever since my daughter's first meeting with her tutor, we were completely WOWED by her experience! My daughter left the session feeling confident, heard, connected and believe it or not, truly looks forward to her weekly visits at Engaging Minds. The attention that the tutors provide for each student is phenomenal. As a parent, I also enjoy receiving an email of what they accomplished during the session, how my daughter is progressing, and other areas of feedback that we should be paying close attention to. This has been such a crucial part in not only my daughter's educational development but also a huge boost of confidence with her performance in the classroom. I believe this is one AMAZING investment her future! I am so impressed with the personal connection and I am thrilled that we will continue this relationship with Engaging Minds throughout her years in public school! Thank you, Engaging Minds, for playing an instrumental piece in bettering my daughter's academic future!

Jen B.
Parent of a 4th grader


Our daughter, currently a high school sophomore, has been working with Engaging Minds since freshman year. She was an A student in 6th and 7th grade and started struggling in 8th grade with completing writing assignments and general organizational skills. After determining that she had executive function problems, we contacted Engaging Minds. Engaging Minds has been a great help over the last year. Their approach to coaching and providing tools and techniques helped her to gain control of her academic life and give her more confidence in her abilities. Engaging Minds has been a valuable resource for our daughter. Their comprehensive emails after every session help us understand how to better support our daughter at home. We are very happy with the Engaging Minds staff and have recommended them to many friends and acquaintances.

Reza K.
Parent of a 10th grader


Engaging Minds has been a wonderful place for my son. They have done a great job improving his executive functioning and organizational skills. They are always flexible and accommodating to meet with him not only during his scheduled time, but also whenever he needs an extra appointment to work on an assignment with an upcoming due date. Even my son sees the value in this, as most times, it comes from him to ask to make an extra appointment to work on a project. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. They are also very good at communicating with the parents after each session, so we are always very well informed about what he's working on. I highly recommend Engaging Minds!

Laura P.
Parent of a 10th grader


We started our son at Engaging Minds at the beginning of his 5th grade year with our primary goal to help him to better organize his thoughts for assignments that involved a written response – something our son found tremendously frustrating and we had been having very little success in helping him with at home. Through his work with the tutors at EM, he has definitely worked on these skills, but also learned strategies he’s been able to apply to organizing all of his work, how he studies for tests, and how he manages his time and focus. Dan Levine took the time to really get to know our son and our goals for him and the tutors he recommended have been a great match. Because of some scheduling constraints, we’ve worked with two different tutors so far and both of them have been very talented in quickly identifying our son’s learning style and challenges and building rapport. The feedback we get after each session through EMChat is incredibly thorough and much appreciated. We learn more from that about what our son is working on than any feedback we’ve gotten from his school. We highly recommend Dan and his team at EM and look forward to working with them into middle school and the future.

Lisa H.
Parent of a 6th grader


I wanted to take a minute to tell you how awesome our daughter's experience has been at EM! Her tutor has helped her so much with her organization, skills and most importantly, her confidence. She never complains about going and even tells me which assignments she is going to save to do with her tutor because "[my tutor] always has good strategies." In just this short time, she has made a lot of progress towards becoming a more effective and efficient learner.

Marcy H.
Parent of a 5th grader


Thank you for doing such a great job with my son. His guidance counselor at the school cannot believe the difference in his confidence level and decreased anxiety. I am so happy we made the transition to Engaging Minds. It has really made a difference in my son's self confidence, anxiety and grades. Thank you!

Anita O.
Parent of an 11th grader


We have been really blown away with the progress our son has made. He was diagnosed with ADHD and it was showing up most dramatically in the way his math grades were slipping from A's and B's to D's and F's as the complexity of the problems progressed throughout his 5th grade year. Engaging Minds came highly recommended to us and I felt like we had made a smart choice as soon as I walked through the door. Our son's tutor has forged a lovely, engaged, attentive, and caring relationship with him. I can hear the tone of their voices through the door as they work, and I can feel how engaged his mind (and spirit!) actually is! As a parent who was struggling to try to help -- and was perceived by my son as being a nag and "unnecessarily in the way," I have been delighted at the way the emphasis has shifted away from "me trying to get my kid to do something" and onto his being in the capable hands of a really talented professional who draws him out and calls him up to higher levels of delivery within himself. But the best part is - the proof is in the pudding! His school work is highly organized this year, and his grade in math has been a solid A+ (literally!!) all term long!

My son and I are BOTH happier with the "burden" of checking in about grades and schoolwork being lifted off of our relationship and into professional, caring and capable hands! I have noticed that he and I are "hanging out" more and enjoying one another's company more and seeking each other out more. YOU CAN'T PUT A PRICE TAG on that! Engaging Minds is worth every penny on so many levels -- especially the way the good feelings are spreading out into our everyday interactions and helping them to expand into a greater good feeling. THANK YOU!

Anna T.
Parent of a 6th grader


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