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Parent Testimonials

My son called me on the way home from his session this week -- he couldn't WAIT until he got home to tell me how helpful his tutor is to him right now with his college essays. He didn't want to stop working but the clock ran out! He is feeling much better and more confident working with her. Your services are making a big difference for him all around. We are so glad we found you guys!

Dana D.
Parent of a 12th grader


My wife and I have been very pleased with the Engaging Minds experience. Reading has been a challenge for our first grade son and so he was resistant to practicing with us at home. Enganging Minds was recommended to us by other parents in our grade school...and the program has been great for our boy. Each week he approaches his scheduled session with an unusual willingness to work with his teacher. He leaves feeling more confident and being more open to reading with us at home. Following each session, we receive a very detailed and personal report regarding exactly what reading he did, which types of words he struggled with and strategies he was given to improve in challenge areas. It's great to have such knowledge of his progress and some of the tips we receive help us better work with him when he is at home.

Mark B.
Parent of a 1st grader


Engaging Minds has been a very valuable experience for our son. Tensions at home about his homework, grades and lack of organization were at an all-time high. We were all frustrated with each other, our son was extremely stressed out, and we felt that anything we did as parents never quite helped and only added to the stress and frustration. We heard about Engaging Minds and brought him to the initial meeting, not quite kicking and screaming, but he was certainly extremely unhappy about going. We met with Dan Levine and he was able to immediately connect with our son in an honest and personal way. At the end of the meeting we let our son make the choice if he'd start with Engaging Minds, he decided to give it a try. It’s been a wonderful experience for him. He and his instructor have an excellent rapport, he feels extremely supported by her, and he feels that the sessions are helpful. His instructor has great organizational ideas, but when a system doesn't work or our son doesn't comply, the instructor always wants to know, listens to him, and has another suggestion or strategy for him to try. Though the line to progress is not a straight line up, we have seen better grades and most importantly a much less stressed out kid. Not only that, our son looks forward to these weekly sessions and never complains about them. I know that sounds like it couldn't be true but it really is! My only regret, is not starting him with at Engaging Minds earlier in his school career.

Lauren H.
Parent of a 10th grader


Our daughter is in her second year working with her tutor at Engaging Minds and we have all been quite pleased with the results. Currently a 5th grader, our daughter has thrived since she began working with her tutor last year. She has always possessed the intellect, but lacked in self confidence and needed the direction and attention that Engaging Minds has provided in spades. She literally loves the time she spends working with her tutor and this is reflected in the detailed reports we receive from the tutor following each session. These reports provide insight into our child and her thought process and frankly, validate the entire process and experience. The care and consideration shown by founder Dan Levine and his staff, is much appreciated. The results in school have been noticeable by us and our daughter's teachers. Engaging Minds has been and continues to be a very positive experience for our family and I urge anyone considering them to give them a try.

Scott K.
Parent of a 5th grader


We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Engaging Minds. Our daughter was carefully matched with a tutor who would likely work well with her, and she has been wonderful! Our daughter has been steadily learning to plan and track her work, both in longer projects like papers, as well as in setting a schedule for reviewing a topic leading up to an exam. Each week after a session, we receive a secure message from the tutor describing in detail what she and our daughter worked on, what they accomplished, ways that we can help her, and plans for next steps. The tutor has also been very receptive when we've suggested particular topics to focus on for a session, such as planning out the work on a particular paper, or for a specific test. Finally, we've found Dan Levine, the founder and owner, to be extremely responsive to questions, and a great source of advice on working with our daughter. Engaging Minds shows a strong commitment to the success and well-being of our child, and it shows in multiple ways, especially with her growing study skills and confidence in her ability to get her school work done effectively.

Harold P.
Parent of a 9th grader


We came to Engaging Minds on referral from our physician to help our twin girls develop stronger organization and planning skills. After an initial consult, it became clear that the mission of EM extends far beyond just that, and we determined that our older son could also benefit. With three kids (two 9th graders and an 11th grader) now attending sessions each week, we have seen many pockets of success, ultimately seen in improved performance at school and how they approach their work. Each of the talented, dedicated tutors are very bright, thorough and so capable of understanding the learning styles of the kids so well, and offer many different strategies and techniques around planning, organization, critical reading and analysis and writing. As they had told us, changes will not happen overnight, but they will happen… and they have! The folks within the entire organization are wonderful to work with, and we appreciate the detailed follow-up notes from each session. We look forward to seeing more continued growth in our kids – skills that will last them a lifetime!

Liz M.
Parent of a 9th grader


This is the second year that our daughter has been working with a tutor from Engaging Minds. She has a good rapport with her tutor and is developing a more positive attitude toward school. While it is still a challenge for her to complete her work consistently, she has greatly improved. And as her parents, we've been able to step back from the homework process, which has greatly improved our relationship. We have recommended Engaging Minds to others.

Janet B.
Parent of a 11th grader


We are so thrilled with our son's continued progress and the supportive group that is invested in his academic growth! Thank you for helping him to learn to become a productive and organized student.

Alexandra S.
Parent of a 4th grader


I wanted to let you know that your program literally changed our daughter. She has improved in all areas of school and now really enjoys learning. I am blown away by what a difference just a year has made. Thank you!

Jon G.
Parent of a 4th grader


My son would not have made it through 8th grade in one piece without the help of his tutor at Engaging Minds. My son's tutor was able to help him break up long-term assignments into manageable pieces (both for him to do, and me to understand) and coached him through each step of the process. When he first came to Engaging Minds he had no organization skills and a very difficult time with any writing assignments. By the end of the year - even though he still didn't enjoy writing - he could sit in a room with his tutor and crank out a writing assignment with only a few prompts or helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend Engaging Minds to any family who has a child that is struggling with school and/or homework. Sending my son there twice a week was one of the smartest decisions I have made for my child.

Karen J.
Parent of a 8th grader


Thank you for your dedication, patience and persistence with our son. It definitely paid off! We went from "homework hell" to independently problem-solving the best time to complete homework based on the day's activities along with independent completion of homework. If that's not success, I don't know what is! Furthermore, our instructor got our son to not protest about coming to EM (huge feat!!) and developed a wonderful rapport with him. He definitely has more confidence about his abilities to break tasks down and we have seen a HUGE change at home in his approach to schoolwork and management of his time and materials. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Thank you!

Kelly G.
Parent of a 4th grader


"My daughter's ADHD diagnosis came with many suggestions of how we might support her learning efforts. Our pediatrician pointed us toward Engaging Minds. We were somewhat hesitant to enroll our daughter in tutoring that wasn't content or curriculum driven. Our hesitation turned to skepticism when multiple sessions seemed to be spent on having our 10 year old design her own planning system. I was curious that no one at EM seemed to think this was a waste of time considering her school had issued a perfectly adequate school planner. I kept my thoughts mostly to myself and hopes that they actually knew what they were doing. And they did! My daughter has gained organizational and study skills that she can implement in any number of different academic areas. Engaging Minds has transformed her as a learner. In acquiring skills, not only has her academic performance improved, but she has made great gains in self confidence. And that's been a game changer. As a parent, I appreciate the detailed feedback that I get from my daughter's tutor through EMChat. Everyone at Engaging Minds is accessible and involved. I find them exceptionally receptive to learning about my daughter from us and from her teachers. As a result, they know my daughter very well and have built a very good relationship with her and with us. I consider the folks at Engaging Minds important resources and supports as we consider future educational decisions. Thank you!"

Sarita U.
Parent of a 5th grader


"We could not be happier with our son’s tutor at Engaging Minds. He and his tutor have a wonderful rapport and even though she works him hard, he loves to go. In only a few short months he has made great strides. We look forward to continued growth."

KJ and RM
Parents of a 10th grader


"My son has been attending Engaging Minds to work on his organizations skills. His skills in this area have improved and he has become more independent and confident. We look forward to continuing working with Engaging Minds and are thankful for their support!"

Lisa K.
Parent of a 9th grader


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