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June 19, 2017



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Transitions are difficult for many students, and this time of year triggers a shift in routine and activities. Many students (and many adults) feel most confident when they know what to expect. As your child begins the transition from school mode into summer mode, spend some time previewing what’s coming up. Doing so will reduce some of the uncertainty your child may be feeling while giving her the opportunity to ask questions and get a firmer handle on what’s in store day-to-day and week-to-week. A little extra time to process the upcoming shift can make all the difference.



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Engaging Minds offers a unique approach to traditional tutoring: we teach students how to learn and provide them with academic skills and strategies they need to succeed over the long-term. In addition to providing support in writing, reading comprehension, and problem-solving, we focus on teaching the increasingly important executive function skills (organization, prioritization, initiation of tasks, time management, planning, goal-setting) and guide students to become independent and self-confident learners. With these fundamental skills in place, students are better able to effectively approach, manage and complete nightly homework assignments, and are better poised to achieve their full potential.




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