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Motivation and Academic Engagement

Intrinsically motivated students achieve their greatest potential

Intrinsic motivation comes from inside an individual, not from external rewards, such as grades or gifts. At Engaging Minds, we believe it’s important that students are engaged learners who understand the “why” behind what they’re learning and feel in control of their success. Intrinsically motivated learners become life-long learners.

Research and many years of experience tell us that students are intrinsically motivated when they:

  • Attribute their educational results to internal factors they can control (e.g., the amount of effort they put in)
  • Feel competent
  • Believe that intelligence isn’t a fixed quantity, but instead is something that can be developed and improved
  • Have some choice and control over their learning
  • Perceive the relevance of the subject matter they’re studying
  • Are interested in mastering a topic, rather than just achieving good grades
  • See a path forward with or without support
  • Feel supported and respected by parents, teachers, coaches, and other significant people in their lives

At Engaging Minds, our instructors understand that forging strong and trusting relationships with each student is a critical component to helping the student achieve his or her greatest potential. Our instructors are trained to help students find success early and often and work with students to help them engage with their work in a meaningful way. Each session incorporates the principles of intrinsic motivation as part of the learning process.


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