Tip of the Week

January 17, 2023

Accountability is the secret

A key component to developing a new habit successfully rests in our ability to hold ourselves accountable to it. And that’s not easy, especially when trying to build a habit that is new and/or challenging. There are many ways to try and hold oneself accountable. For some, simply the satisfaction of following through each day is enough. For others, making a connection to a future positive outcome inspires the follow-through. A small reward for following through each day is another way we might hold ourselves accountable. Or, sometimes something visual and fun like the image below can help. 

Print out the image and have your child color in each corresponding day that they follow through on the new skill they’re working hard to develop into a habit. As the letters and then the months become more colorful and full, your child will literally see their new skill developing and their confidence in their ability to succeed at it will grow. 

Note: Please remind your child the image doesn’t have to be filled out perfectly at 100% for it to be successful. That wouldn’t be remotely realistic. We all miss here and there and that’s part of the challenge of building a new habit. The key is to continue on and hold ourselves accountable even when we falter briefly.