Tip of the Week

October 22, 2022

Beyond the Tip of the Week

Let’s learn more together!
If you’re a reader of our weekly Tips, it’s likely you’re seeking to expand your knowledge and learn tools and strategies to help your child strengthen their executive function skills. We want to go a step further and offer more in-depth guidance to parents and caregivers via our free Executive Function Strategies for Creating Successful Students webinar for your school’s parent community.

It’s time to dig deeper.
We’ve been delivering free webinars and workshops to parent groups for more than a decade and in just 45 minutes, parents and caregivers leave with new knowledge and understanding, and energized to put what they’ve learned into action. It’s time to step beyond the weekly Tip and take a deeper dive. Let’s do this together!

We cover a lot.
In our free parent webinars we:

  1. Demystify the term executive function and explain which skills it encompasses;
  2. Provide important context and explain why executive function skills are such an increasingly important aspect of every child’s education, especially now post-Covid;
  3. Offer a variety of tips and strategies you can begin to employ at home to better support your child in strengthening these vital skills;
  4. Provide strategies to help make executive function strategies stick.

Let’s bring this webinar to your school’s parent community!
Please simply reply to this email or email our Marketing Director Michele Fox directly and we’ll take care of the details from there. We look forward to learning with you!