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July 4, 2023

“Life moves pretty fast…”

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -...

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June 27, 2023


Sometimes it’s challenging to motivate students to read! Yet, there’s a lot to be gained by having your child read...

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June 20, 2023


Happy Summer!  Summer presents a wealth of opportunities to strengthen executive functions skills outside of the classroom. We’ve put together...

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June 13, 2023

Transitioning from school mode into summer mode

Transitions are difficult for many students, and this time of year triggers a shift in routine and activities. Navigating transitions...

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June 6, 2023

Egg shells, Legos, and hot coals

Broaching a conversation about summer learning with your child can feel like walking on egg shells or Legos or hot...

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May 30, 2023

Something a little different today

Just for fun, we want to try something a little different and ask you, our readers, to help generate today’s...

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May 23, 2023

Bite-sized pieces

Help your child maintain, or in some cases regain control over their end-of-year papers, tests, and projects by breaking down...

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May 16, 2023

Next on your summer planning to-do list

By now the big pieces of summer – camps, activities, vacations and long weekends – have been organized and at...

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May 9, 2023

Boundaries + Expectations = Order

Parents and caregivers quickly learn with toddlers and grade schoolers that children need adults to set boundaries and limits. And...

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May 2, 2023

Fire prevention is the key

At this time of year it’s easy, and sometimes critical, to fall into fire-fighting mode to ensure your child reaches...

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April 25, 2023

Mantras for positive thinking

“I can. I am. I will. I do.”  Christine D’Ercole  Mantras are positive words or phrases that can help increase...

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April 18, 2023

Flip the script: benefits over consequences

It’s often difficult to get children to finish tasks like homework or chores. Sometimes, students can’t see the benefit of...

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