Tip of the Week

October 26, 2020

Create a Ready to Learn Checklist

Getting set up and ready to learn while attending school remotely can be difficult, especially if your child isn’t a self-starter. At school there is structure providing cues to get ready to learn: a bell marking the start of class, a teacher calling for attention in the front of the room, and there is an inherent opportunity for students to read the room and follow the lead of other students. The same cues aren’t as available to students remotely, so it’s useful to create a Ready to Learn Checklist to help your child focus and get ready to attend. The list could include:

  1. Print schedule
  2. Open links to portals/websites
  3. Prepare supplies (pens, pencils, paper, post-it notes)
  4. Ensure you’re in a quiet space with ample light, table, and chair
  5. Put phone away
  6. Charge device
  7. Connect headphones
  8. Have fidget nearby
  9. Prepare drink/snack