Tip of the Week

August 23, 2021

Create structure by previewing schedules

Your child’s schedule is, undoubtedly, going to be significantly different than last year’s, so take some time to review it with them before school starts. Previewing their schedule ahead of time will give them the opportunity to take ownership, ask questions, and get comfortable with what’s in store day to day and week to week. In what feels like a topsy-turvy world, understanding the schedule will reduce anxiety and create structure in which your child can function more effectively.  

Going one step further to practice planning and managing their schedule is to post a family calendar in a well-trafficked area in your home. Review the calendar on Sunday night and as often as needed throughout the week. Make note of all their commitments, changes to the schedule, and available windows in which to do homework. With enough modeling and practice, your child will learn how to be more responsible and independent in managing all of their commitments.