June 26, 2024

Engaging Minds Expands Offering to Include Executive Function Program for Adults

Engaging Minds, a premier executive function coaching provider, today announced its 2024 summer curriculum. In addition to the annual EM Academy, a catalog of fun, engaging executive function-focused electives for students of all ages, registration is now open for “From Chaos to Calm: Master Your Time and Take Back Your Day” which marks the first time Engaging Minds will offer executive function programming targeted toward adults. This 21-day program draws upon cognitive behavioral therapy research as well as literature on creating sustainable habits, and offers built in support and accountability to implement skills and systems. Participants will learn skills to better conquer the countless demands and distractions that occupy their day as well as how to better prioritize tasks, boost productivity, and reduce stress.

“Many adults struggle with their own executive functions and have for a long time,” said Dan Levine, President and Founder. “Parents of our students see the success their children are having and have asked us time and again if we offer anything for adults. And now I’m thrilled to say that we do.”

Levine continued by saying, “Dr. Carol Perlman is a renowned expert in this field and she is the perfect partner for Engaging Minds as we expanded our offerings to better support the entire family.”

Course material will include how to implement systems for organizing tasks, determining priorities day-to-day, adapting to unexpected demands, overcoming numerous obstacles that interfere with productivity and time management.

“I see countless adults struggle to accomplish their daily tasks because they never learned adequate systems for organization and prioritization,” said Dr. Carol Perlman, course facilitator. “In addition, they face increasing distractions and challenges as they juggle work and home life. Most also struggle to incorporate self care activities. Through my coaching program adults customize a system to meet their unique needs and learn to overcome daily obstacles. We work side by side long enough to create habits that will endure long after our work together ends. Our group program at Engaging Minds will maximize accessibility and retain personal support and accountability. It is going to be the solution so many have been seeking.”

About Engaging Minds

Massachusetts based Engaging Minds is a premier executive function coaching provider that specializes in strengthening critical skills including organization, prioritization, initiation of tasks, study skills, time management, goal-setting and planning. Working both in-person and virtually, Engaging Minds offers personalized, one-on-one tutoring for students in grades two through college and group programming for adults. To learn more about Engaging Minds, please visit