Tip of the Week

July 11, 2024

“Every cover is a door that turns on magic hinges”

For many kids, summer reading feels like a chore. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few ideas to spark their interest:  

  1. Don’t worry as much about what they’re reading; focus on the fact that they’re reading. 
    1. Graphic novels are a great way to get kids interested in reading, especially if they are reluctant readers. (By the way, graphic novels get a bad rap.)
    2. If your child is easily discouraged, start with shorter books that they can finish quickly.
    3. Audiobooks are a great option for kids who are busy or who don’t enjoy reading silently. If they can follow along in the book, great. 
    4. Let them choose the genre. Whatever their interests, great books are out there for them. 
  2. Make the experience of choosing a book real. There’s nothing quite like the feel, character, and enveloping smell of a bookstore. As poet Nancy Byrd Turner describes it: “The bookshop has a thousand books, all colors, hues, and tinges, and every cover is a door that turns on magic hinges.” And booksellers and librarians are great resources for recommendations.
  3. Make reading a family activity and set aside some time each day for everyone in the family to read. Phones down, books up! Listen to a book together in the car!
  4. At EM, we’re all about developing intrinsic motivation. However, sometimes small rewards for reading a certain amount of time each day can help.