Tip of the Week

January 4, 2021

In search of the best planner on the market

If your child hasn’t been using their school planner effectively this year, the fresh-start of the new year makes this a perfect time to reboot. There are planners out there that suit everyone’s needs, both in paper and online. The key is to empower your student to identify a model that works for them. There are planners marketed toward students with ADHD and executive function challenges that are worth exploring, but it’s so personal that it’s difficult to recommend just one. If your child is more tech-inclined, a quick Google search reveals a number of strong options. Here’s a good place to start. If your child does better with paper, there are hundreds of free templates online, or you can plan a quick trip to Staples with your child to browse through their large selection. In the end, the best planner on the market is the one with the design that makes the most sense to your student. Discuss, explore, and empower them to choose the one they are excited, or at least willing, to try.