Tip of the Week

August 30, 2021

Shifting mindset back into school mode

While much of the country is already back to school, for most students in the northeast these are the last few days of summer vacation. It’s certainly important to let your child soak it all in and enjoy these last few days of summer. But it’s equally important to begin to get your child’s mindset back into school mode.

Last week we shared a tip about previewing your child’s upcoming fall schedule to ensure they understand their various time commitments and responsibilities. Think through their class schedule with them, and get the school supplies they’ll need for their classes. Work together to carve out a space or two in the house that can be their homework zone and make sure it’s properly stocked with supplies. Lastly, if they haven’t finished their summer reading or required work, help them make a plan to get it done. By using this week effectively, your child will be well prepared for a strong start when they leave summer vacation behind and head back to school.