Tip of the Week

April 4, 2023

The view from the next tee

In golf, what happened on the previous hole doesn’t matter on the next tee. Whether it was a birdie (1 under par) or a quadruple bogey (4 over par), what’s past is past and what’s ahead is unknown. Smart golfers know that it’s the next shot that matters. There’s real power in helping students translate that mindset to their performance in school. Every day, every assignment, and every test provides a new opportunity for success, regardless of what happened previously. Everyone has a bad day, gets stymied by a challenging assignment, or earns a low test score. The challenge is to block out all the noise from what transpired previously and/or thoughts of the damage they may have done to a future grade. Students can’t undo the past, but they can control their response to their next shot. With every assignment students have the opportunity to start fresh, find success, and build from there. Remind your child it’s not how they start but how they finish, and like golf, they have an opportunity to create their own destiny every day.