Tip of the Week

July 19, 2021

The “Yes Day” Roadmap

In the 2021 Netflix movie Yes Day, the kids get to plan a whirlwind day of fun and adventure for the family. From brainstorming and researching ideas for destinations and activities, to creating an agenda, to figuring out cost and mode of travel, to planning details such as meals, outfits, and gear they needed for the day, the kids got to practice tons of executive function skills without even realizing it! And they loved it! The summer provides many real-world opportunities to strengthen executive function skills and Yes Day provides a great roadmap. Give your child the reins this summer and let them plan a day from beginning to end. Not only is it real-world executive function practice, but as a bonus you’ll help your child learn to be more independent and resourceful which will lead to greater confidence when they are back to school in the fall.