Tip of the Week

May 28, 2024

This one is for YOU!

Let’s talk about you. Very likely you’re the person in the family who holds everything together. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by to-do lists and scattered priorities? You are not alone. Many of us struggle with our own executive function skills at work and at home, making it more difficult to help our kids when they need us most. 
Here’s a game-changing tip for you: By strengthening your own executive function skills, you can create a calmer and more productive environment for yourself and your family. We’ve got just the opportunity for you this summer! We’re launching a new program for adults with Carol Perlman, PhD called From Chaos to Calm: Master Your Time and Take Back Your Day. You can find all the details here
If learning how to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, get more done in less time, and reduce the stress of a never-ending to-do list piques your interest, this course is for you. Invest time in yourself, and watch your family life flourish!