Tip of the Week

June 4, 2018

2004 Red Sox: It’s How You Finish

This is a busy and sometimes challenging time of year for students (and teachers and parents!). The sun is shining. The end of the school year is in sight. Summer plans are being made. However, for most students there are still a few weeks of school left with final exams, papers, and projects to be completed and handed in. Whether it’s by working in short bursts, using planned breaks more often and effectively, or devising a study plan together, try and keep your child as focused as possible. And then remind him of (or regale him with) the story of the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Down 0 games to 3, the Sox were in dire straits. They kept their heads down, worked hard, and stayed focused. In the end, they won 4 straight games and advanced to the World Series. The message? It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish that’s most important.