Tip of the Week

April 30, 2018

ABC’s of Creating a Study Plan

The testing season is upon us and, unfortunately, many students have never learned how to develop a thoughtful study plan. “Winging it” or “hoping for the best” aren’t great strategies! Instead, we suggest employing the ABC’s of Creating a Study Plan.

  1. Choose Active study strategies. For example: teach someone else the material, create a KWL chart, or draw a concept map to show connections between topics.
  2. Block out time each day. Use a calendar to identify when the student can devote time to studying. Consider length of time and intentional breaks.
  3. Check-in and self-monitor. Which strategies will he use to stay focused while studying? Where will he study and what tools might he need? How will he know when he’s done studying?

By following the ABC’s, your child will be better prepared and feel more confident heading into his upcoming exams.