Tip of the Week

November 9, 2015

Assignment books: managing and tracking homework

Every child needs a method to track and manage his assignments. Whether your child prefers a traditional assignment book, opts to use an online calendar or app, chooses to design his own tracking tool, or relies on school websites, encourage him to choose one method, stick with it, and maintain it as though it were his “command center” for all his schoolwork. [Note: We urge students not to rely solely on school/teacher websites; mostly they should be used to cross-check assignments.] Your child should track not only assignments due the next day, but also incremental daily reminders for longer-term assignments, projects and exams. He can also write down short-term reminders to hand in an assignment, or to ask for help in a specific class. By committing to system and keeping everything all in one place, your child will build (and maintain) strong organizational habits.