Tip of the Week

June 1, 2020

Created with Your Child in Mind

By September, it will be almost six months since students were in a physical classroom. Given the unexpected way the last quarter of the school year played out, keeping your child’s mind engaged this summer is even more important than ever. This infographic explains why. Students deserve and will get a summer break. Yet just a few hours a week of quality thinking and learning will make a world of difference come September. 

In these extraordinary times, the status quo won’t suffice. So this spring our team went back to the drawing board and created an amazing new program: Engaging Minds Academy.

EM Academy is a catalog of fun, engaging, and executive function-focused electives for students of all ages.

  • One-on-one, personalized instruction
  • Focus on developing and strengthening executive function skills
  • Incorporate MA Practice Standards and Frameworks
  • 8-10 sessions per elective scheduled at your child’s pace
  • Flexible scheduling around your family’s summer plans
Check it out. There’s something here for every kid!