Tip of the Week

April 20, 2015

Executive function and the Boston Marathon

There are many special qualities required of athletes to complete the Boston Marathon. Among them, a long-term commitment to training, intrinsic motivation, the ability to set and work toward achieving goals, a willingness to push beyond a comfort zone, and a tireless work-ethic. These are many of the same skills students need to achieve their full potential in school – and in life. As you watch the marathon today, engage your child in a conversation about what it takes to be a marathoner and achieve a lofty goal. Then connect those ideas to your child’s own experiences in school, in athletics, or in achieving a goal that seemed beyond his reach, but wasn’t. The connections you make together will “light a fire” within your child and hopefully inspire him to reach new heights of his own. And to all those running today: Congratulations on a remarkable accomplishment!