Tip of the Week

January 27, 2014

Executive function resources

The Engaging Minds website is good for more than just reading the EMChatTM write-up of your child’s weekly session or learning more about our program. Our website provides a wealth of resources for parents and students, and is updated weekly with new information. We post a weekly blog about educational issues and ideas for how to best help your child succeed in school. (Read last week’s post here: “Your Child is NOT Lazy.”) The site also contains links to helpful websites and smartphone apps, thought-provoking videos on motivation, executive function issues, and education in general, our Tip of the Week archive, FAQ’s, and even testimonials from other parents (which are great for helping share EM with others whose children may need our help). There are resources galore. Bookmark it today! www.engagingmindsonline.com.