Tip of the Week

May 18, 2020

Family Mental Health During a Pandemic

We’ve all been impacted by the dramatic day-to-day changes to our lives over the last few months. Some of us are more flexible and can more easily adapt to change; others are less flexible and are flustered by the changes to long-standing routines. These changes require heightened engagement of executive function skills and may be resulting in behaviors that are making your family dynamic different and more challenging.

This Wednesday at 10 am, Engaging Minds is pleased to welcome Dr. Jillian Bennett of Bennett Assessment and Behavior Center for Children for a conversation about family mental health during a pandemic. In this free webinar, Dr. Bennett will help put some of the behaviors we may be experiencing in our homes into context, and share actionable tips to support parents, children and teens. It’s a timely and important conversation. Please join us.

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