Tip of the Week

April 7, 2020

Make Bad Habits More Difficult to Achieve

As we enter the fourth week of distance learning, you’re likely seeing some bad habits emerge or worsen. In terms of getting school work done, bad habits and a lack of follow-through go hand-in-hand. Research suggests that this struggle is not solved simply by the strength of a person’s “will power.” Rather, we can change bad habits by changing the environment and making the unfavorable behavior more difficult to achieve. For example:

  • If your child is constantly on their phone while doing homework, try changing the environment by moving the phone into another room for an hour. 
  • If websites like YouTube or apps like Netflix are rabbit holes for your child, try changing the environment by using a parental control app to block or disable websites and apps. 
  • If your child is easily distracted by siblings or pets, try physically changing the environment by moving your student to a quieter, more secluded space.