Tip of the Week

July 27, 2015

Make summer writing fun by incorporating technology

Make summer writing fun by incorporating technology. If you’re traveling for vacation, urge your child to chronicle your family’s adventures by becoming a photo-journalist. The Day One Journal app encourages writing with its easy-to-use interface and persistent (optional) reminders to update the journal regularly. Your child adds text and photos, and the app automatically logs his location, time and more. The Postagram app makes it fun to keep in touch with siblings at camp, grandparents and friends. Postagram allows your child to design, write, edit, add pictures and send (via US Mail) his very own postcard directly from the iPad. Websites like Shutterfly.com allow your child to upload pictures, write fun captions, and create hardcover keepsakes. Whatever app or website your child chooses, the key is to use technology as a vehicle to make summer writing easy, accessible and fun.