Tip of the Week

July 25, 2016

Pokémon Go!

You’ve likely heard that Pokémon Go is all the craze this summer. Sure, like anything in today’s world, we can find some potential downside to the game (watch where you’re going!). But there are also benefits, some even educational. For example, players must follow directions on a map, plan and manage time (to get those eggs hatched!), and strategize to determine which Pokémons to find and where to find them. Socialization comes naturally as it’s a fun game to play with friends (and for you to play with your kids!), and the simple fact that kids (and adults) are outside and on the move rather than sitting in front of a tv or computer screen is an enormous positive. After all, there’s tons of data affirming that exercise is great for the brain, especially in strengthening executive function skills. So join the fun this summer, get moving, and go find those Pokémon!