Tip of the Week

November 23, 2015

Reduce anxiety around test-taking

One of the keys to gaining confidence and minimizing anxiety around test-taking is to know how to prepare for, and take, the test. Consider the format of the exam: Will it be multiple choice? Fill in the blanks? An in-class essay? If your child doesn’t know these answers, encourage him to ask his teacher, or refer to past exams he’s taken in that subject as a guide. Consider the content of the exam. More specifically, turn the study guide into a checklist, and prioritize accordingly. As your child makes his way through the study guide, have him check off items he already knows. He can then focus his study time on the areas he did not check off yet. This helps the student allocate time efficiently to prepare for the assessment. Help your child tailor his study methods to the type of exam in question. If the test is predominantly multiple choice, practice process of elimination skills. If it focuses on vocabulary, create flashcards or use “quiz yourself” methods. If your child needs to prep for essay questions, focus on broad conceptual ideas and outline major themes and supporting details he has learned.