Tip of the Week

November 25, 2019

Success is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Icebergs have two parts: the part that is visible above the water which is often majestic and grand, and the part that is hidden from view under the water. With its two parts, icebergs are an excellent metaphor for success. Everyone can see success and accomplishments (the part of the iceberg above the water line). What people don’t see is all of the time, hard work, commitment and perseverance it took to achieve that success. It’s important to remind students that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Success is only the tip of the iceberg.


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Engaging Minds is a leading executive functioning coaching organization that offers personalized, one-on-one tutoring services for students in grades 4-College. Engaging Minds provides students with learning skills and strategies to become motivated, independent, and confident learners. Drawing from a methodology designed to enhance academic engagement, strengthen executive function and learning skills, and provide content support, Engaging Minds instructors develop individualized learning programs that meet the needs of each student to improve their executive functioning skills and overall learning experience including: organization of materials, organization of ideas, planning & time management, initiating tasks, flexibility and transitions, motivation & self-confidence, working memory and self-monitoring and follow-through. Engaging Minds’ experienced instructors help students manage nightly homework, long-term assignments, and unlock their full potential. With a learning center in Newton, Massachusetts, and a team of highly trained educational executive functioning coaches nationwide working virtually with students, Engaging Minds provides tailored support to meet the diverse needs of students – both in person and online. Engaging Minds’ mission is to provide Tools for Learning and Skills for Life™, empowering students to succeed academically and beyond. To learn more about Engaging Minds, visit https://engagingmindsonline.com/