Tip of the Week

May 4, 2020

Sustaining Focus During Online Classes

It has been challenging for many students to sustain focus during virtual classes. In the classroom, distractions are far fewer and teachers can more easily redirect students who get distracted. Online, students lose focus more easily and can fly under the radar. Here are three ideas to help your child maintain focus while attending school online: 

  1. Remove distractions. An obvious suggestion, but a significant one. Find a less-trafficked area in your house, stock it with school supplies, and remove as many distracting elements as possible.
  2. Use headphones to help block out other voices and sounds. Noise-canceling headphones are especially helpful.
  3. Actively participate in the class. Challenge your child to try and ask and/or answer one question per class. For students who don’t self-advocate easily this is especially difficult, but with practice it will help increase their focus.