Tip of the Week

August 12, 2013

Thoughtfully plan your school supplies list

Figuring out with your child the school supplies he will need for the upcoming school year is a great opportunity to practice some executive function skills. Think about each specific class and begin to map out an organizational plan. Does he prefer a binder for each class or one big binder with dividers? What kind of assignment book will he need to track his homework (if the school doesn’t provide one)? Does he need specific tools for any classes (e.g. a graphing calculator or colored pencils)? Take your list and set out on an adventure – to the magical land of Staples (or Target or Walmart)! It can be a lot of fun roaming the aisles and filling a basket with all the new goodies. By being involved with the selection of materials he will use throughout the year, your child will feel a sense of excitement and have a head start on a solid plan-of-attack before the school year even begins.