Tip of the Week

March 23, 2020

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Remote Learning

Remote learning is beginning today for most students. Engaging Minds has offered its families a few tips to help students maximize the time spent with one of our instructors via Zoom. We wanted to share the tips more widely as we believe they will make a difference for your family and child:

  1. We recommend that parents and students treat the enrichment work as required work and set aside time each day to devote to academics. We know from the abundant research on summer learning loss that extended time away from academics results in loss of skills and knowledge. This infographic tells the story concisely.
  2. Identify a quiet space with your child that ideally includes a chair, table and ample lighting. Because there are so many distractions at home, it’s important to choose a spot where your child can focus.
  3. Help your child gather all of the materials they will need for their time spent working. Beyond the basics of pens/pencils and notebook paper, be sure your child has access to their school website, individual teacher websites, Google Documents, portals like Google Classroom, Schoology, PowerSchool, Canvas, etc. Help them identify all the appropriate passwords they will need.
We have worked quickly to create more capacity to be able to support more students during this challenging time. If you’d like to open a conversation around how we can help your child with their remote learning, please contact us!