Tip of the Week

June 2, 2014

Use a K-W-L chart for smarter studying

As your child prepares for end-of-year assessments, teach her how to employ a K-W-L chart for studying. As she goes through her notes and study guide, have her divide a sheet of paper into three columns: in the first column, have her write down what she Knows already (a great confidence booster!). In the second column, she should write down what she Wants to know (what she still needs to learn or learn better). She should use the third column to record what she has Learned (this part is filled out last after her studying is completed). This is a great way for your child to assess how well she knows the topic she is studying and determine which particular areas need more attention. This is also a great way to help answer the question“How do I know when I am done studying?” (Answer: when she can fill in responses from the “Wants to know” column into the “Learned” column!)