Tip of the Week

April 16, 2018

When things don’t go as planned

Today’s marathoners likely love the mild temperature, yet it’s unlikely they love all the rain. It’s no fun running wet and cold; clothing gets heavy, it’s harder to grip the pavement, and wet feet slip in sneakers. However, today’s runners started planning for this race months and months ago knowing they could never control the weather. Within their control is how they manage it. Some will wear plastic bags until they start to stay dry; some will wear old sneakers to the starting line to keep their feet dry as long as possible (the Boston Marathon donates all clothing left behind!); many will wear hats to keep the rain out of their faces; and most runners will stay the course, rely on their training, and do their very best to block out the weather and keep their minds focused on the task at hand: finishing. Planning, flexibility and a shift in mindset (all important executive function and life skills!) will help today’s marathoners overcome the weather. These are important skills for students, too – not everything goes as planned. When things take an unexpected turn, rge your child to ask themselves in the moment: What can I control? Which habits and prior preparation can I rely on to overcome this obstacle?

Good luck and congratulations to all who are running today. Happy Patriots Day!