Tip of the Week

June 7, 2021


The sun is shining. Summer plans are in the making. But wait! Before you close the door on this school year, reach out to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor to identify skills your child can work on this summer to help ease their transition back to school in September. A brief email exchange will ensure that the work your child does during the summer will be strategic, focused and productive. 

Students absolutely deserve and will get a summer break! Yet, keeping students’ minds engaged over the summer, even if just for an hour or two a week, is important. For a refresher, this infographic succinctly explains why. In a summer after a Covid school year, it’s even more important. 

Your goals this summer are our goals: to ensure that your child returns to school in the fall prepared and with confidence. Please contact us to discuss a personalized learning plan for your child, and use the link below to learn more about all of our summer programming.