Design the Perfect Vacation Resort

What if you could enjoy all your favorite things like foods, activities, and games in one amazing place? Well in this elective, you can! You’ll dream up and create your own vacation resort that includes all of your favorite things by planning all of the amenities. Think big! Water slides, train rides, and zip lines are just a few things your resort could include! It could have a sports theme, princess theme, animal theme – whatever you decide! You’ll research the location, choose attractions and activities, design your resort’s mascot, plan a restaurant, and advertise your resort. By the end of the course, you will have gained research, writing, visual presentation and executive function skills that will be reflected in a slideshow displaying your dream resort!

Executive Function Skills

  • Organization of ideas
  • Time management and planning
  • Task initiation
  • Writing skills
  • Active reading
  • Working memory