Executive Function Bootcamp

Is your backpack, bedroom or Google Drive a disaster, making it hard to find things? Are you a procrastinator? Do you get stressed about school? You are not alone! Many students do not possess the skills – yet – to be able showcase their full potential. This elective will help you explore and understand the executive function skills you need to reduce academic stress and build better work habits, processes, and routines. We will reflect on various aspects of your education and life including getting organized (physical and online), using a calendar effectively to plan and manage time, limiting procrastination, and increasing and maintaining focus, and we will discuss strategies that can help strengthen those skills. As we learn and explore together, we will add practical strategies and checklists that resonate with you to a Google Drive folder that you can reference once school is back in session. With a better understanding of these skills and with tools at the ready in your Executive Function Google Drive folder, you will enter the school year with a greater sense of control and confidence!