Our Mission

At Engaging Minds, we provide students with learning skills and strategies to become motivated, independent, and confident learners. Drawing from a methodology designed to enhance academic engagement, strengthen executive function and learning skills, and provide content support, Engaging Minds instructors develop individualized learning programs that meet the needs of each student. Over time, Engaging Minds students develop a range of learning tools they will use to access their full potential in school and throughout their lives.

Our Philosophy

At Engaging Minds, we teach students how to learn. Our methodology is specifically designed to instill critical thinking skills, learning strategies, and problem-solving skills that students can apply across multiple disciplines. Research has shown that engaged students are better students, and we use each student’s own school work to make our teaching meaningful and relevant. We believe each student has a unique learning profile, and we take time to get to know each student and develop a personalized learning plan. Meeting each student’s particular needs is a hallmark of our program. By helping students find academic success early and often, we increase self-confidence, enhance intrinsic motivation, and set them on a path toward achieving their full academic potential.