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Creating Successful Students: Understanding Executive Function and Tips for Strengthening These Vital Skills at Home

Engaging Minds is pleased to provide executive functioning webinars for parent groups or organizations on the topic of Executive Function. It is our pleasure to offer this workshop FREE of charge to all local Parent/Teacher organizations (PTO) and other parent organizations. Following are examples of parent webinar. Please contact us here for more information. 

Executive Function Bootcamp: Creating Successful Students

What is Executive Function? This webinar seeks to demystify the term “executive function” and explain why these skills are an increasingly important aspect of every child’s education, especially in today’s ever-changing world and academic landscape. Webinar facilitators will provide a broad overview of the various components of executive function including definitions and symptomatology, and provide actionable tips and strategies that parents can begin to employ at home immediately. Participants will leave not only with a deeper level of understanding of executive function, but also with some concrete interventions to implement for each of the critical executive function domains.

Optional addition to the webinar:

Presenters will take a deeper-dive on three key executive function skills: organization (of materials and ideas), planning and time management, and task initiation. With the use of case-studies, workshop participants will work in small groups to apply their learning to real scenarios.

Beat Procrastination!

This webinar seeks to understand the all too common practice of procrastination, and offers academic interventions to help mitigate this stress-inducing habit. We begin by examining the research on procrastination, including the profile of procrastinators, myths vs. realities surrounding this topic, and the various consequences of procrastination (academic, social/emotional, behavioral). Combating task initiation challenges requires educators to assume a detective mentality to diagnosis the source of the problem. From there, executive function skills are offered as a means of curbing the tendency to avoid. In particular, the webinar outlines specific, practical strategies for student support in regard to organization, planning and time management and task initiation skills. 

Reducing Academic Stress

Research shows that teenagers are now the most stressed out demographic in the United States. Why are teens so stressed out? What factors contribute to this current state of affairs? And what can be done to mitigate these feelings of stress? Executive function skills are presented as a means of helping students regain control over their academics, schedule and daily life. The webinar walks through several executive function domains, and offers specific, practical interventions to try with students to help reduce academic stress.

Get Organized!

This executive functioning webinar takes a deep dive into best practices of supporting student organization. The content is divided into two subcategories: physical organization strategies (for binders, lockers, homework, etc.) and strategies that support the organization of ideas (pre-writing thinking, note-taking, preparing for tests and quizzes, etc.). Webinar facilitators highlight the importance of both kinds of organization in ensuring student success, and offer strategies to help students get organized. 

Planning and Time Management

 Many students struggle to plan and manage their time effectively. This webinar tackles the various facets of how to teach planning and time management skills in effective, explicit ways. Webinar facilitators will offer numerous strategies to help your students build better routines and habits. Among other suggestions, facilitators will emphasize the importance of modeling, prioritization, visual tools, digital resources, pre-planned schedules and reflective questioning.

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