Executive Function for Homeschool Students

Engaging Minds is pleased to offer a number of options to improve executive function skills specifically for homeschool students and families.

One-on-one Executive Function Coaching

Our trained and experienced instructors can support your students’ executive function skill development in a highly individualized, one-on-one setting. This program is intended to support students in organizing, prioritizing, managing, and completing their existing assignments and tasks. We help students as young as 2nd grade through college and even adulthood! Students who participate in Engaging Minds executive function coaching work on critical study and life skills such as:

  • Organizing materials (both physically and digitally)
  • Planning and time management skills (both for short-term tasks and longer term assignments)
  • Strategies to initiate tasks and avoid procrastination
  • How to create daily, weekly and monthly schedules/calendars – and stick with them!
  • How to prioritize assignments and create daily agendas
  • Problem-solving skills (how to get unstuck)
  • Simple processes for approaching complex tasks such as writing assignments and studying for tests and quizzes

Our once or twice a week, 55 minute executive function coaching sessions are customized to suit your needs. They can take place either during the school day or afterschool hours, remotely via Zoom or in-person in our Newton, MA office. Students cultivate and populate a Google Drive folder of executive function support checklists and resources, customized specifically to their learning needs and style. Parents and caregivers also benefit from periodic check-ins with one of our Learning Specialists, as well as additional learning opportunities for our Engaging Minds community, such as parent workshops.

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We’ll be a partner in your corner. Learn how we can help.

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Engaging Minds Small Group or One-on-One Executive Function Electives

We are pleased to offer a roster of fun, engaging, and executive function-focused electives via Engaging Minds Academy. These courses, which typically run 8-10 sessions, are project-based in nature, challenging students to complete a project of choice, such as designing a website, planning a dream vacation, or writing a graphic novel. Through the lens of their chosen project, students exercise their executive function skills, including:

  • Project mapping
  • Planning and time management
  • Organization of materials
  • Follow-through and self-monitoring strategies
  • Flexibility and transitions
  • The writing process
  • Active reading strategies

Students can register for these elective courses in either a one-on-one capacity, or in a small-group pod. Instruction can take place either during the school day or afterschool hours, remotely or in-person in our Newton, MA office. Students who complete these electives leave with a finalized project they present to family and/or peers, as well as a folder of documents and resources designed to promote metacognitive awareness. 

For a full list of our current offerings, please link to the variety of options here

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