EMChat™ Parent Communication Portal – Be Our Partner

At Engaging Minds, we understand that tension sometimes exists between parents and children, especially when it comes to academics. By giving students the support they need to become independent and confident learners, we help diffuse that tension. We are your partner in the process. We believe it’s important to keep parents 100% in the loop and up-to-date with the work we’re doing with your child. From your child’s very first session, we open a direct line of communication between you and your child’s instructor.

We’ve developed a unique online password-protected portal called EMChat™, where your child’s instructor will keep you informed about what’s going on in each session. The instructor will update you on progress, achievements, what’s coming up next, and even provide a few ways you might reinforce Engaging Minds strategies at home. EMChat™ also provides parents with the opportunity to engage with their child’s instructor and let them know what you see as your child’s key goals or obstacles each week. EMChat™ is our way of making sure we’re all on the same page and working together toward the same goal and outcome.