Tip of the Week

February 20, 2024

Be a photo-journalist!

Used February 20, 2024

Whether it’s school vacation where you are, or vacation is coming soon, here’s a fun way to engage your child’s executive function skills while on a break from school. 

Encourage your child to become a vacation photo-journalist! Whether it’s a stay-cation or you’re off to an exciting destination, each activity provides an opportunity for students to think creatively about how they want to tell each part of their vacation story through pictures and words. Without realizing, your child will be strengthening executive function skills like planning, organizing, task initiation, flexibility, and organization of ideas. And to add to the fun, websites like Shutterfly provide ways to upload pictures, write captions, and create a hardcover book. At the end of the week your proud child will have created a valuable family keepsake!