Tip of the Week

July 25, 2023

Reframe *your* thinking

This summer, practice flipping the script and giving up a measure of control. It may be a game-changer in your family. When an educational challenge arises, our natural inclination is to diagnose the problem (from your perspective) and then tell your child how to fix it. It’s quick, you know what works for you and you believe you know what works for your child, and it keeps them moving forward expeditiously. And your stress level comes down. 

However, try to reframe your thinking and instead guide your child to their own solution. They’ve got ideas that you may just need to coax out of them. It’s a longer process that requires smart questions, good listening, patience, collaboration, and likely some trial and error. The reward in the end will be worth it! You’ll earn far greater buy-in and the strategy they land on will be far more likely to stick because it’s theirs. It’ll also move them further along the path to independence which, in the end, benefits everyone.