Tip of the Week

August 15, 2023

School supplies to support executive function skills

Whether you’re shopping on Amazon or heading into a Staples, there are endless options of school supplies from which to choose. Our advice: Aim to identify supplies that fit your child’s specific learning style as choosing the right supplies will help strengthen their executive function skills. Two quick examples: 

  1. As you consider supplies for active reading, perhaps your child is partial to sticky notes that they can take brief notes on and place in a book. Maybe they’d prefer Post-It flags that they can color code to mark quotes, plot twists, and characters and quickly place in a book so as to not interrupt their reading flow. Or, perhaps they’d do best with a small notebook they can keep next to them to note important page numbers and jot quick notes.
  2. Create an organizational system that makes sense to your child. Some students do well with one 3- inch binder with dividers; others prefer smaller 1-inch binders for each class. Some students will never three-hole-punch and file loose papers, so a folder system may make more sense. For some, one folder for each class makes the most sense. For others, an accordion folder makes it easier to track and manage all handouts and notes. 

Choosing school supplies is an art! Engage your child in the conversation and approach school supplies with an eye toward strengthening their executive function skills.